Boldly is one of the top virtual assistant companies. They focus on producing virtual assistants that are skilled, reliable, and of the highest quality. This means when you hire from Boldly, you can expect top-notch service.

Some of the top benefits of Boldly include:

  • They only hire seasoned marketing, administrative, and project management professionals.
  • The ability to meet your virtual assistant (VA) before you hire them.
  • The train a back-up, so you have round-the-clock access to your virtual assistant.
  • You get a client dashboard to keep track of your VA’s time.
  • You can integrate your VA into your team by assigning them a company email address.
  • They offer services in multiple languages.
  • They provide onboarding services to make sure the transition is smooth.
  • The services are scalable.
  • They also offer help from designers and web developers.

Pricing for a virtual assistant from Boldly varies depending on the hourly plan you choose. You can see all the pricing here.